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Domestic Violence 

Does Not


Domestic Violence is an issue that affects all people, unrelated to their gender, age, race, ethnicity, status, sexual orientation, etc. The Hiding Place recognizes that our services are needed by multitudes and varieties of people. We are committed to serving all survivors who reach out to our organization and have a No Survivor Turned Away Policy in place.

Group Hug

Call our 24/7 Hotline for Immediate Support. 

You are not alone. We are here and We believe your story.

How We Serve

Safe Housing

emergency and transitional safe housing on a 40-acre safe property


support and community in the midst of legal situations, medical situations, etc.


individual crisis & trauma counseling, group counseling, community support groups

24/7 Emergency Hotline

trauma-informed support and aid with emergency and safe planning, resourcing and placement


resourcing for aid, job training, case management, financial literacy classes, transportation, job placement, etc.

Prevention & Awareness

connecting the community
with resources and information creating safe spaces for healthy conversation

I never thought I was going to get out. Now I look back to last year and so much has chang


Community Support Group

Our support group is actively meeting weekly and we are always open for new members to join us! Dinner is and child care are provided weekly. Group meets from 6-8pm every Monday night at an undisclosed, safe location. If interested, contact our office directly below.

Reflecting on 2023

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Read more about The Hiding 
Place from Breann, The Hiding 
Place's Program Director

As I sit and write this, I am in awe of the beauty that the Channel Missions team has experienced over 2023 as we have been in the midst of the trenches as The Hiding Place program served survivors of domestic violence. Through hotline calls, emergency pick-ups, hospital visits, and multitudes of one on one and group sessions with survivors, we have seen how healing, hope and peace can be restored. Light can be found in the midst of the darkest of places. Victims can become survivors and survivors can become thrivers.

Throughout 2023, we moved staff on-site, officially opened our physical safe property, opened our 24/7 hotline and started serving on-site and off-site clients. Throughout 2023, we have gained multiple community partners, consisting of law enforcement departments, churches, sister shelters and organizations, associations, and so many more amazing groups of individuals longing to make a difference. We had the opportunity of joining our state’s coalition, the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Our staff went through multiple trainings and were all certified as Victim Service Providers. We were able to stand alongside over 100 survivors during the midst of calls and meet-ups. We had multiple opportunities to hear stories, believe stories, and create safe spaces for those stories to be shared without shame.

As the program director and a survivor, I am honored, thankful and humbled to look back on this year and see all of the connections made and all of the opportunities given. I am grateful for our community and the people that have given and have been unexpected blessings to the program and to the survivors we serve. As Joe, Jennifer, and I have served survivors over the past year, we could not have been as effective and available without our village of incredible people.

Hearing a survivor say that they finally feel safe again and have hope that they thought didn’t exist anymore is the most amazing thing to experience. To see the light come back into the eyes of survivors and their children is a miracle in itself. The Hiding Place is their stories, the stories of brave survivors, where restoration occurs. I am simply honored to witness it all and be a part of their community, their family.

Please continue supporting this program. The gifts and support are changing lives. We are eagerly walking into 2024 with so much hope in our hearts.

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