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As our team has focused on the launch of The Hiding Place program this year, we have seen how connected the three channels of Channel Missions are. Providing resources to those in need is a key part of the original mission of Channel Missions when Joe and I founded the non-profit in 2017. The Looper family has generational history of serving others within the community and around the world. Our family has always longed to use what we have been given to share with others to make a difference and provide hope in their lives

and situations. Through Channel Missions in prior years, we have reached out and helped communities in multiple areas, including South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, and West Virginia. As we reach, others are able to experience hope and healing.


As Channel Missions has transformed over the past 7 years, we have seen so many pieces of the larger puzzle that Channel Missions is come together as we are entering 2024. As we have served survivors through The Hiding Place, we also encountered many others that were in need of hope, healing, and resources. As we formed our No Survivor Turned Away Policy, we extended our services to individuals who were surviving in their own way. We helped find resources for homeless individuals, individuals struggling with substance and alcohol addictions and individuals who simply needed someone to listen. We saw how Reach and The Hiding Place connect so intricately and how a further impact can be made through the other programs that encompass what Channel Missions is. We also saw a clear need for support and aid for service providers.


As we enter 2024, I am excited and eager to see Reach begin to reach others again through aid, resourcing and support of those within the community. We have plans to create safe spaces for service providers and helpers in the community to be encouraged, supported, and cared for. We have plans to provide community based resources to people in need here in our community and in other communities in need in other parts of the US. We have plans to

be the much needed community for individuals, organizations and families throughout this next year. We are honored and excited to have the opportunity to step into this space and reach by being vessels of hope for others.


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